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Per map class cap for TF2
Hello again everyone.

I was talking to my brother and we agree that capping the number of demo men on the map dust bowl is a good idea to help balance out the game play. But I am not sure how do do this or if we can limit classes on a per map basis.

For example I would like to cap the number of demo men to three for dust bowl but if I have a map rotation I would like the rest of the maps to have no limit on that class or limit other classes. Is there a way to put an argument in the map rotation file or other config file to limit the number of a particular class?

As far as I'm aware, there isn't a built in way of restricting classes, it seems to be something that Valve find unnecessary as a feature in TF2.

There are serverside plugins you can use to achieve it though, theres a plugin for sourcemod that does it, and I think beetlesmod has it as a feature.
Beetlesmod had that feature. Good luck buddy!


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Any of the main admin mods will let you limit classes.
You can make map-specific configs (aka: ctf_2fort.cfg) and add the class limits for that map in there.
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