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Server Chrased
ok so this guy came in server 2 times. and both times he chrasd the server. i was not able to get much. adn it was not recorded on logs
what i remeber seen in console tho. was that he entered rcon passwrod. it cmae out invalid since he did not know it. then it shows in console.

missing shutdown a whole row of that.

nect thing you know i cant log into anythin . i cant log into myspace. AIM. STEAM. nothin. even outlook. anythin that uses loggin infromation i cant log in

i had to go into my router page. luckily that i WAS able to log in to. release and renew my IP. again. this happned twice.

any ideas?
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It sounds like your internet was crashing due to either ISP downtime or you were you were using a ton of your bandwidth with SRCDS. Can you run a speed test at for us?
it is not that.. this guy ran seom kinda script. and caused the server to chrash. after the server chrased. a messege came up for anyone that joined theserver sayin

"error veryfin user steam ID."

this happned twice. the first time. he came in he was like. say goodbye to the server. then the server chrased. i didnt think it was because of him. but ten the second time he came in. and said. o this is the server that bans rcon hackers. and then again. the server chrased.
[Image: 461031727.png]

Try the cmdBlock plugin I made, its in the modifications forum Big Grin

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