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How much can i host?
I have want to host srcds with 100 tickrate, on the following hardware.

P4 3.0ghz
2gb ram
120 gb hdd
it will be in a hosting center with a 1000mbit internet connection

I was planning on running 4x 12 slots ( full at the same time )
with zblock and mani admin plugin, its that possible to have 4 servers with 12 slots running and full at the same time whitout cpu its 100%
I was just wondering how do you have 1000mbit connection do you have it at a data center collocated.
yes i have
If your going to be paying over $50 or so per month, it might be a rip-off for you. It is more cost effective if you are only planning on hosting 1 SRCDS server to just go through a GSP.
a P4 is a very old cpu (and it is a single core, even though hyper threading might make it look like 2 cores)... if you want high quality servers, don't run more than 2 servers per core. but I remember the times my clan was running a P4 3GHz. We had a 20 slot css public and a 20 slot dod. a third server was just not possible, even the two servers were slightly too much when both full. so i would say 40 slots is the absolute limit... 48 slots will be too much.

PS: 1000 MBit is just marketing, you don't need it for game servers. with 40 slots you won't get above 10 MBits, I guess... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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