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Pingboost? Lunux/Windows
Hi everybody, i am running cs source servers, on windows and on linux machines are +/- same, but on windows i am starting servers with this tool:

Where i can select PINGBOOST, if i set it into 1 , servers fps are limited to cca 70 , what is fine for 66 tick server, AND CPU USAGE is very low, that is epic fine!

..but, how do it on linux? i tryed -pingboost parameter, but nothing happened, fps_max 70, and CPU usage is same... so how do it on linux?
err, normally a pingboost tries to do the opposite (increasing the server fps so the ping goes down). also, the cpu load does not really depend on the fps, because with low fps the server has to calculate more on each frame.

a low cpu usage (btw: how do you measure it? stats might give wrong values!) is not really something you have to achieve to run a good server... don't look at the cpu usage but on the stability of the fps. only very high cpu loads might indicate a problem... (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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cpu usage? with HTOP, and i see lags, when servers eat 90%-100% cpu usage, fps go down and it laggg.

I am running on 4x 3Ghz , on both machines, but on windows is usage max 4% with this serverchecker and pingboost value 1.

On both machines are running 5 cs source servers (tickrate 66). Linux ubuntu with default settings.
rootko Wrote:when servers eat 90%-100% cpu usage
it is not normal that servers are using that much cpu (unless you are having many bots in the game). on my system they use around 50% when full (22 players). EDIT: they are running at 1000 fps!
what kernel do you use? have you tried using the valve defaults for all server settings? any plugins on the servers? (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
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Yeah, plugins.. hm yeah i am running few plugins, 100% same as on windows, 100% no bots. I also think about reinstall kernel, now i am using default, all servers dont have more then 14 slots,

so 14 players on linux = cca 70% cpu usage
14 player on windows = cca 10% cpu usage

There are lots of tutorials how run best kernel etc, fps.. i dont wanna max fps, i just wanna run stable servers, and more then just 5.. Do you think this shoule help be?

Why shoulbe be Timer frequency value on 1000 HZ? Whats best value to keep server eat minimum cpu, but be stable..
Try that HOWTO and have a look at the first point in the section "playing around". that one will reduce the cpu load slightly. (Linux Kernel HOWTO!)
Do not ask technical questions via PM!
Thanks very much, i will try

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