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editing kernel
ok ive been followin instructuion on the Kernel How To

went as fasr as applyin the patch.

im stuck at "make manuconfig"

i typed it it sadi make not installed so i installed it.

but where am i supposed to type makeconfig? in home directory?

when i type it i dont get that menu that u see on the How To. when i type in home directory it says
***make 'no rules to make target' STOP

so i went to cd linux-
thats jsut gives me an error
[Image: 461031727.png]

normally you should typ

cd /usr/src
load kernel from (wget/apt)
tar -xvf linux-
cd linux-

Now copy your config file in this directory.

make oldconfig (answer all questions with ENTER > easiest way)
make menuconfig

Please be sure that you have installed all needed debian pakets.

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