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Forcing server.cfg to execute each map
I'm running an L4D DS with SM 1.2 on it. The problem I'm running into here is the server.cfg won't autoexecute at the start of a new map/level/mission/campaign. Once its loaded, thats it.

How can I configure the command line to accomlish this?
the server.cfg will load at startup and at map change, etc.
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Yes it should, how can you tell it's not working?
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This is my server.cfg

sv_cheats 1
director_panic_forever 1
director_force_panic_event 1
survivor_max_incapacitated_count 0
z_health 50
sv_lan 0
sv_cheats 0

This will work once anyone wakes the server up. But after that, once they finished the level, it stops working. The hordes no longer endlessly attack and they have 2 revives instead of 0.

I can initiate the cfg again if I type exec server, but I don't want to manually do it. I want to have players enjoy it constantly rather than 1 map.

Reading my post again, I wasn't very informative, sorry for that.
Do L4D servers have map configs?
Another option is to use a mod to auto-exec the config.
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Mooga Wrote:Do L4D servers have map configs?
Another option is to use a mod to auto-exec the config.

I cannot find any map.cfg files in any cfg folders...

Explain to me what you mean using a mod to auto-exec the config.

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