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No such file or dirc.
Ok im tryin to install srcds. i do wget http://steampowered... so on to install the hldsupdatetool.bin

it shows on screen its donwloading. then i run the chmod command

(chmod +x hldsupdatetool.bin && ./hldsupdatetool.bin)

andi get this error.

bash : ./hldsupdatetool.bin: no such file or directory.

i use nano to chk the folder and hldsupdatetool.bin is in there.

what am i doing wrong?
[Image: 461031727.png]

Why use nano to check the folder? The usual way to inspect the folder is ls
are you running a 64 bit distro? if so, this can happen if you don't have 32 bit glibc libraries on your system.
anorakman Wrote:Why use nano to check the folder? The usual way to inspect the folder is ls

not really the answer i was lookin for but thx. didnt know that

and yes im using 64bit. srcds dose not support 64bit?
[Image: 461031727.png]

it will run, you just need to install the 32 bit glibc libraries in addition to the 64 bit libraries
how do you install the 32 bit glibc libraries?
sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
was what i was given on the ubuntu-uk irc

but a post on here says
apt-get install lib32gcc1

take your pick they both work apparently..
I just set up a new box and this was the problem I was having. Any way to get this information added to the install tutorial? Oh, and I can confirm that the second option works, as that is the one I used.
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