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dedicated servers
I have been looking around the internet for servers i found one that i liked and i found one that i like a with
Xeon x3210 2.13ghz
4 GB
2500 GB of bandwidth

with this setup i would like to run
30 slot 100tick css
14 slot 100tick css
2 l4d servers
11 slot 100tick scrim server
maybe another one

is the 4 GB of ram needed
thx for the help
Have you looked into building your own and colocating? Depending on the length of time your planning on running it, it can actually save $100's just after 4 months or so.
i would prefer building my own server and colocating. Its a lot cheaper then actually renting a server.
If you don't know how to build it, PM me, because I have a friend that will pick out the parts and case, and build them for you very cheap.

If you are planning on colocating it in Los Angeles, I highly recommend Colocation America. Once again, PM me if you have any questions.

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