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Loopback problem with L4D
Firstly, hello. I'm sorry that I've joined just to ask a question.

I'm trying to run a L4D dedicated server from my linux box.
The linux box is running ubuntu fiesty.

Now, when I run the server, I tie it to my steam group. Anyone NOT on my local network can connect to this server.
My windows box ON the local network can see the steam group, but when I try and connect, it tries to connect to, the linux box's loopback addr.

The command I use to start the server, is this:

./srcds_run -console -game left4dead -maxplayers 4 -autoupdate +map l4d_hospital01_apartment -port 27015 -nohltv +sv_lan 0

I do not specify an address. If I specify my external IP, the server does not start, with error:

WARNING: NET_OpenSocket: bind: Cannot assign requested address

If I use my internal IP, noone on the internet can access it.

My router is a THOMSON TG585v7.
It does not allow me to put a machine in the DMZ, but I have enabled loopback on it through telnet.
The correct ports are forwarded to the dedicated server.

Oh yes, I can connect via the console, but that stops me using the lobby system.

I hope thats enough info, and thank you for reading.

Any ideas?

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