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TF2 DoS Attack Fix Plugin Released
I found this on the hlds listserv. Thought some of you might need this.

Tony Wrote:Hey all,

I've released a plugin that fixes the attack done by the denial of service
program floating around. The plugin is a Valve server plugin, and does not
require metamod or Sourcemod. It can be loaded in the middle of a game with
no noticeable load time. You can download it from my website:

Direct link:

Both Linux and Windows binaries are included. Extract the contents of the
ZIP file to your addons directory.

Contents of the README file:

DoS Attack Fix

Version: 1 for TF2

Date: 1/21/09

Creator: Drunken F00l,

This plugin blocks the denial of service attacks released into the wild

Console commands:


- Returns the status of the DoS Attack Fix plugin and prints the IP address
of any blocked offenders


- prints the version of the DoS Attack Fix plugin


- Resets the banned IP list



- Enables the DoS Attack Fix plugin (defaults to on)
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