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server crash "memory could not be read"

I have been running a Garry's Mod server for about 8 months now, stopped for a few months in the middle then started again.

However, my server is crashing at least once per day with this (or like) error :

Quote:The instruction at "0x01081318" referenced memory at "0x0f1e6e64". The memory could not be "read".
(refer to attached picture).

I have tried numerous random things to try and fix this, increased phsyical memory, deleted some mod files that may be bugged, but nothing has yet worked.

It does seem that when Garry's Mod starts to use over 150mb the server crashes, however its not because my server is low on memory because when GMod is at 150mb their is still 350mb spare memory.

Any ideas will be very helpfull!


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Having the exact same problem. I can go all the way through one level of Left 4 Dead and when it goes to load the next level the server crashes. Have you figured anything out yet?

Havn't found anything yet. It's not the ram as I have just tested it on a different dedicated server with 4gb ram, still crashes.
Ok I got it up and running!
I found a guide that walked me through setting it up.
For me it was always crashing when it changed levels, so 7a I think is what fixed it for me.
Specifically the "Force Mission Changer".
But I did the whole guide so it could have been anything.
Hopefully something in there helps!

Plugins are the most common reason for these crashes. Check that your plugs are up to date (and such).
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