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Left4Dead Problem co-op crashes after rescue
hi, I am running a L4D server on win xp pro sp3. Anyone can join the server and play with no lag, ect, so that is all good. When the campaign is over and we get rescued everyone is booted off the server, and the same campaign will start over. No vote screen ever comes up to allow us to go on to a different campaign. I have both the mapcycle and maplist set with only coop maps (No verses). There is also a missioncycle.txt which has the missions listed. I have tried deleting the entire server and starting over but I get the same thing. I have our steamgroup set in the server.cfg and the clan is direct connecting to the server without using a lobby.
Also let me add that at any time during the campaign we can call a vote and change to a different campaign, and it will run perfect until the rescue, and then everyone will be kicked from the server. The credits screen will run and after it is over is when we get kicked
There are no addons at all, just the basic server (standalone dedicated server on its own box)

I will add more information if needed.

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