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[Question] Hi, how should I backup the installation?
Hello everybody. I did a Google search on the web, as well as on, yet couldn't find the answer to my issue. Cool

Hope you guys don't mind that I post it here.

For the installation, I followed the guide on the front page of, so the destination is the "srcds_l" folder.

Since I am new to hosting the SRCDS, I am doing a lot of trial and error. I have been making backup of the individual file (such as "server.cfg," "motd.txt," etc) before doing any modifications. Yet, since I am doing that in just my spare time, it is hard to keep the files organized, and I am starting to mess things up.

My question is,

If I want to make a backup of the fresh installation (especially since that is about 3 GB of downloading...), can I just tar the whole "srcds_l" folder?

By default, the installation doesn't put files into any other folder, such as /usr/bin, is that correct?

Any help would be really appreciated!
1 yes(if you ever restore it just do an update to make sure you are up to speed and then run the server)
2 correct
Hello HBS|Ryan,

Thank you so much for your help. That makes things a lot easier. Big Grin

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