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Arena server problem
Hey, so i finaly hosted a team fortress 2 server that people could join after pluging my laptop directly into the modem skipping the router. BUT, when me and my friend where on arena badlands game wouldnt start even tough both pressed fight :S whats wrong? And would be very very glad for a guide of how i can controll my server through TF2 since im playing on a different pc and dont want to run to the hosting pc all the time.
Arena is tricky. I never messed with it as a TF2 admin because of the issues it caused.
To remotely admin a server you have many options.

First: You want you know how to use RCON commands.
Second: You probably will want an admin mod (such as SourceMod or BeetlesMod for TF2)
Third: You need a way to cahnge files on the server. Given that the server is windows you want to set up RDP (Remote Desktop) and possibly FTP. For a Linux server you will need to set up SSH for remote access.

Hope that sorta helps Smile
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Alright, i got Rcon working now but Map didnt work :S got error so i deleted it again, might try again later.

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