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Memory and CPU Time
Just a few quick seemingly random questions

1) Would a server use up less bandwidth if all the players were really inactive and moved slowly or didn't move at all. Compared to a game server where the players would run round frantically killing and shooting and typeing and jumping and destroying lots of stuff?

2) I know that CS:S asks for a minimum 48 MB of ram in order to start the server but how much does that increase by when players join Compared to cs 1.6?

3) Then further more how much CPU Time is needed for each player that joins.


4) How much does a mod like admin mod add to the resources needed for the game server?

THANK you in advnace for any answers you give.
I have found that srcds doesn't really need a fast CPU to work OK, I recently found an old 366mhz HP with 120mb of RAM in my closet and I tested srcds on it. That little machine hosted a 4 on 4 game without a hitch. Of course this was with a bare minimum Slackware install, and I was running from a text-only console. For best results witha a slow CPU, you need to eliminate anything else that is not in use and a text-only console is higly recommended (No X-windows).

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