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I found my IP adress and found the portforwarding page.. but what are the numbers i need to forward?
Help will be VERY aprreciated, thanks.
I'm using srcds for a cs:s server. If you wanna add me on Xfire my user is 117spark343
Udp - 27030 - 27039, 27015 - 27016
Tcp - 1200, 27000 - 27016
helixo Wrote:Udp - 27030 - 27039, 27015 - 27016
Tcp - 1200, 27000 - 27016

which order do i put it in, i mean.Toungue
Not sure what you mean but go here and just find your router in the list then it will tell you what to do
Just follow the guide on and it tells you exactly what ports to open. Select your router on the list and then click Counter-Strike and the guide will show up Big Grin
Add me on steam "jefsin" if you need help to get your server online! Smile

Realchamp is like an updated file,
everytime my server is f*cked,
he always got new methods to put it together!

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