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Ways to Manage CS Source Serer (Linux)
I had a spare Linux machine that wasn't doing very much, so I decided to turn it into a CS Source server.

Got it all up and running, I execute just a generic command and gets it up and running straight away.

But I'm after mods and a better way to manage it.

Something like phpUA looked extremely nice, but I couldn't get it working Sad

Is there any other types of Web based Administration stuff that I can use?

Or can someone tell me a list of Mods that I should look into.

Cheers heaps
Hi Finchwizard,

I too run a CS:Source server from home. There are a few things over and above the regular install I did, some of which you may want to try.

i) I use 'screen' to create a "virtual" terminal in which srcds runs. This means I can "close" the srcds terminal window and log out without affecting the game. When I want to login again, I simply use screen to open the "terminal" and its all there. I can do this from my LAN, or via the internet using SSH or Putty (in Windows).

ii) I use the Mani Admin Plugin to provide me with the "extras" many people like on a server. This means whilst my server is unattended by me, there are still map votes, and kick votes available to the players. It also allows me to put adverts on my server, and kick/ban/punish people if needs be!

iii) I use psychostats to record stats from the server and display these on the web (it shouldn't be too hard to get apache working on your server). This also allows me to see what's going on with the server when I can't log in to my machine remotely;

If you would like any further advice on settings these things up please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Excellent, thanks for the reply.

I got Psychostats going fine, runs nicely.

Haven't tried Mani Admin mod, but I'll give that a go.

Also is it easiest for a Windows CS Server, or a Linux CS Server.

I can use either with the same amount of ease, I'm just wondering management wise, is there some benefits running Linux over Windows or Windows over Linux.

linux updates automatically
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