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well, ive tryed everywhere, and maybe my searching skillz are not as good as i thought they were. but anyway here is what i need. how can i get the server to put the logs in a different folder OTHER than logs? for what i mean, i would like to have them goto another dir that will be reachable by ftp. please dont ask. its linux, whatever. lol. anywhoo the server is on the admin root, so i would like the logs to goto somewhere else accessable by another user, so having the logs saved elsewhere would be grrrrreat! ive tried to add logaddress_add bla bla with localhost info and such, but that dont work.

any ideas?

like logpath or something really simple that im missing?
could you sym link the log directory?
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ok maybe we didnt do that, i am looking into it
is this like an echo feature, well like a service that makes a mirror of the two directorys. like whatever gets saved into dir1 is also placed in dir2, kinda like a copy and paste? thats what i get when i look at what it does, i googled it and found instructions.
I thought this was under linux when I first replied. Wait, this is in reference to a linux system right?

re post 4: It doesn't write twice, just links to it. Sorry, I'm not very good at explaining it. IDK how well it may work via ftp. If you wanna try it out, then:

cd <path where you can access via ftp>
ln -s <path to your cstrike/logs> <name of link>

i.e. if your srcds was in /root/srcds, and you wanted to link it to /home/user1/logs, you' change directory to /home/user1, then

ln -s /root/srcds/cstrike/logs logs
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