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L4D, TF2, Games have suddenly stopped working
We've been running some L4D servers for over a month now with no problems, we more recently included TF2 into our games. We had it all running fine for a couple of weeks, then came the update we have had today for L4D.

I closed down all our Source servers and started updating using a batch file and the HLDS update tool. All went well and L4D completed the update. I then tried to start up the server, which failed. For a couple of attempts it brought up a message saying Data execution prevention had closed the program, so I added it to the exception list, but the problem continued.

Now there are no more error messages, the server boots and gets to executing server config, but then waits a few seconds and closes itself.

This happens now with the server that was updated, the server without the updates AND the TF2 server. All are running from command line and there are no mods or plugins in any of them. We are running Windows Server 2003.

Has any one come across this before? Please if you have any information tell me, I'm at wits end with this thing.

No one can help? If it helps the problem started as we had Apache installed. Maybe that was the problem?

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