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Recently there has been a huge explosion of hacks for CS Source. I'm looking for a way to minimize it.
So far I only found autoban .02 and beetle's mods attempting to detect cheats. Both are decent attempt but they have too many false positives and are still in beta.
I thought was well worth it but I haven't been able to find anything on why their site has been down for so over a week. Anyone got any news on that?
Also is there any other solutions besides the three I just mentioned and VAC2 myth.
mani's mod has a hlh cheat detection. Kinda primitive and could be circumvented, but no false positives (afaik).

idk much about steambans, but I thought it was something ,ore like a blacklist of steam ids. I'm always cautious of getting into something like that, where I am getting a ban list from other admins, and only because idk how credible the admin(s) that I am getting the ban list from is.
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you could enable the vac2 beta... if nothing else. it might scare someone comming into the server when it says this is a secure server.. and soon i hear the actual one is going to come out.. and the more people that use it now the sooner it will come out.. as is what i hear.

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