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Launch script. Works for hlds but not srdcs.
Hello everyone!

I've been messing around with code on my server-on-demand site. So basically I had CS 1.6 servers and I'm using the same script to try and launch TF2/L4D servers. But it doesn't work.

I'm not really good with linux, so maybe there is some kind of bug?

Quote:if [ $1 = "tf" ] ; then

# move config to portdir

mv ${sdir}/orangebox/tf/$2.cfg $port_dir/orangebox/tf/user.cfg

# lounch variables

vars="-game tf +exec server.cfg +maxplayers 12 +map cp_granary +ip ${ip} +port $2 +pingboost 3 +restart"

# secure/insecure

# steam/nosteam

# lounch server

if [ $error = "0" ] ; then
cd $port_dir && screen -m -d -S ${1}${2} ${port_dir}/orangebox/srcds_run ${vars}
echo "Server[$1:$2:$3:$4] lounched."


## On error delete

if [ $error = "1" ] ; then
echo "USAGE: $1 $2 [secure|insecure] [steam|nosteam]"
rm -rf $port_dir

Does anyone have any idea why this won't work?

My team fortress files are in tf/orangebox/tf

This code works for CS 1.6, but I'll retain from posting it for now. maybe there's some kind of bug in this code.
those code is incomplete
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What exactly is "nosteam"...

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