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Team Fortress 2 GSP Question?
Hi ive looked everywhere for this answer...
Does TF2 Have tickrate and FPS if so whats max fps?
Kinda just wondered because it uses srcds...
Please get back to me!
TF2 has Tickrate's yes. The maximum is 66TICK.

There isn't no "fps" max, it depends on your hardware specs plus server specs(slots)
But 1000FPS, is somehow the maximum FPS.(I'm not entirely sure if it's the max FPS in TF2).
Thanks for very fast reply lol.
Was expecting to wait ages...
And im using
Intel Core2Quad Q6600 2.4
4GB Ram
3000GB Bandwidth
500GB HDD.

You sure max tick is 66?
Yes, the max Tickrate is 66TICK for TF2. I'm not sure if it has been changed since I last read about it.(I don't thing it's changed)
Yes, the max Tick is 66. Any GSP which sells a 100 Tick TF2 server is conning you.
A Q6600 can run 4 24-slot server with one server per a core.
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They say they are adding the -tickrate 100 to the startup line, but the SRCDS engine for TF2 only runs at 66 Max, so you are getting the same server, only your paying a lot more Toungue
When GSP say they run TF2 at 100 tick it sometimes just means they run the server at a higher fps than the 66 tick servers. Some dont though so those are the bad ones. can scrue you over that way. I run 4 32 slots on the same setup Toungue

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