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[ISSUE] Server crashing on mapchange
Hello, having a few issues right now on one of my css servers. It seems to hang when the server is switching levels.

It seems like it's locking up when trying to exec mani I think.

I also had a little issue with my tf2 server the odd time it stopped working when the server changed levels but it seemed to fix itself today.
I heard that was a valve issue though because others had the same issue.
(Was a fresh install)

Anyways if anyone else has had a issue or still having issues with their server hanging on map change please post here and if you know how to fix it please let me know Smile
my was doing this the other day so i backout all mods on my tf2 server and it work good. not sure if that update that came out a couple days ago was the issue.

check the mani forums to see if there are any more issue like this or an updated mani release.

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