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hi i have a good server
but i have not good inet
what can i make that the players have a very low ping pingboost
download link pls
I don't exactly get your problem? Could you explain yourself abit better please Smile.

If it's this you mean:
// Selects between optimized HLDS network code stack.
// Set this on 2 usually reduces latency toward 1ms without loss of activity input packets.
-pingboost 2
i have dsl 4000 (400 kbit) and i will create a source dedicated server for the game counter strike source my question: a player who has a ping from 40ms has on my server a ping from ~78ms because selfhost! HOW CAn i fix that problem?
Your brandwidth ain't fast enough, you must even reduce your slots and tickrate or increase your brandwidth. :-)

Or the "player" is far away from your location of the server. That might also reduce the ping.

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