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How many slots (yet again)

I was wondering how many slots this machine could run, lagg free, please answer for only 100 tick, and only 66 tick counter-strike souce thank you.

Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 / 3.16 GHz Processor
1024MB Performance Memory (A-Data Vitesta) DDR-II 800 RAM x 2
500 GB 7200 RPM HDD

Could you also say, how to calculate such slots, I would really like to know.

Thanks in advantage
It depends on your internet upload speed. Also what do you mean by
Quote:please answer for only 100 tick, and only 66 tick counter-strike souce thank you
Bandwith ain't a problem.

I mean how many 66 tick css slots can I run on the machine only running 66 tick.
And then the same with 100 tick.
Drocona Wrote:RAM is one of the least problems you'll ever get (mostly 1gig is more than sufficient for 5 servers), CPU and bandwidth are.
Since it's a dedicated server connected on 100mbit the bandwidth isn't a problem either.

So that leaves the CPU, 33 tickrate is the "base", 66 tickrate uses about 2.5x more CPU than 33, 100 tickrate takes around 4x more than 33 tick.

I always calculate estimates of player slots based on 100 tickrate.
For example my P4 3.0GHz (1MB cache) can hold around 60 playerslots at 100 tickrate.
My P4 2.8GHz (512kb cache) can hold around 45 playerslots at 100 tickrate.
My C2D E6600 (4MB cache) can hold around 100 playerslots at 100 tickrate.
So if the 3660 can get 100, and you have the 8500, I would say at least 120 slots at 100 tickrate. But I wouldn't actually put that many servers on it as then obviously the CPU would start to struggle. I would limit it at a 100 or so. Again these are only ESTIMATES so it will vary. For 66 tick, a good estimate is that 100 tickrate uses four times the amount of cpu than a 33 tickrate server and 66 tickrate uses 2.5 the amount of CPU. Again, estimates Smile.
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Okay thanks you very much, this info is really helpsome.
BTW I'm posting here when I have tested it so u can see how much it can hold

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