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Serverchecker error
Hi guys I am new here and there was no where else to go.

Me and my friend rent a server box and they just offered us widnows 2008. We had windows 2003 and we had installed serverchecker 3.03 on it. So now he installed serverchecker 3.03 on windows 2008. Now it doesn't start with windows 2008 and everytime we try to run it it gives us this error:

Could not read from registry. Make sure you have either turned off error reporting or that you run this program from a privileged account.
Error: The system cannot find the dile specified. (only option is to click ok)
WHen u click ok it gives this

Windows error reporting may still be active. This program may not function correctly.

We turned off error reporting and made sure we have access to do that. Even the server company couldn't figure out. So can someone help with this?
FireWaLL Wrote:you run this program from a privileged account.

The answer is right there. Make sure you run the program with administrator rights Smile !

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