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Whats the difference?
I was wondering. what in Linux. allows srcds to run at higher FPS. then in Windows? is there like a file? that limits srcds in windows to max out at 500?
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I think it's operating system limitations.
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You can get 1000fps in Windows too, however you need to enable HPET and install correct drivers for it. I would take time to explain it but I am not 100% sure of it.
I can get 999FPS with Windows Vista: Home Basic.

Without extra stuff. Just standard.
hmmm.. but whats specs are those runnin on is the question for you now lol... must be like super duper uber
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Yea but with windows vista, it's really resource hungry, so it's a waste of hardware pretty much, go with windows server 2008 with HPET enabled, and you can achieve 1000fps easily. If you want more however, you'll need linux.
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ok wait. so get FREE linux. and get more or

pay for Windows SErver 2008 and get less.

gee! Smile

im runnin one a Ubuntu right now i get stable 850-900 and have not done any of the Kernel messing around thingy still. tho. have not found a clear TuT yet. and ideas where to look?
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