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[Fixed] Custom maps not downloading..
Hello there, for some reason one of my servers is not letting people download my custom maps.

// allow custom decals to be uploaded. 0 is off 1 is on
sv_allowupload 1
// allow files to be downloaded from the server. 0 is off 1 is on
sv_allowdownload 1
// Max download file size. Default is 15 - This is set to 75 because custom maps are HUGE!
net_maxfilesize 75

Any ideas why it's not working?
Running Ubuntu 8.04

EDIT: It seems like the maps I uploaded to the fastdownload never worked right the first time, after reuploading the files it worked great.
are the custom maps on the server and the ftp server
Just reuploading them to the fastdownload server again right now.

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