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addning new maps?
whaty would be the command to gettin new maps and installin them on my server.

im runnin ubuntu server edition.
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You won't need any commands actually.

The only thing you need is too add the map into your MOD/maps folder. And that's it! No matter what OS you use Smile
yea but dont i need to have the map on my computer first? like


or seomthin?
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Yes you will have too have the .bsp file available on your computer(downloaded from somewhere, like, otherwise the server can't load the map Smile.
sigh somtimes
Upload the .bsp and .nav (not always available) files to the mod/maps folder and add the names to the maplist.txt and mapcycle.txt files in the mod/ folder
Dub Wrote:apt_get

Am I the only one who thought that code was funny Big Grin ?
i thought it was funny
it reminded me of another post were someone put as their downloadurl for their css server and wondered why it didnt work
hmm i think i see my mistake.. but umm next time. rather then pokin fun. itd be nice to point out the mistake i made Big Grin


not apt_get

thx anyway Big Grin
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LOL that's not the only mistake you made Smile ! Check again!
i didnt even see that mistake, just so you know fpsbanana does actually host maps on their site its done through the mirrors that people donate.
Doggie52 Wrote:LOL that's not the only mistake you made Smile ! Check again!

.... sigh
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rcon command? Big Grin

all you have to do is access your game server ssh (linux) or ftp (windows) and do to the game server path <ie.css/cstrike/maps>

and upload away your maps files.

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