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Shutting down a Linux server
Oh dear god, how on earth do I shut down my server?

Im new to Linux and all that, installed Fedora Core 3, everything going well, ran a CS:S server and have been for quite a while now, but just one question. How on earth do I shut down the CS:S server?
I tried quit, along with a bunch of commands, but the server just restarts, thinking it crashed. I placed an icon to see my CPU usage, right clicked on it and got some sort of windows ctrl+alt+delete thing. There, I found some gam_server process running, tried ending it but got three more instead. I tried closing the console, but the server keeps running! Please, exit my server!
Sorry for the n00biating question, but nothing seems to work.
Alright you need to go to some kind of console window. (Bash, console, whatever)

When you reached it, do this:
1) type ps -aux | grep srcds
2) Type kill -9 the PID number of srcds_run...
(PID is in the most left column)

Now issue the quit command using rcon with a tool like HLSW and it should not restart. If you have no rcon follow steps 1 and 2 except you do it with all the lines where srcds is in instead just srcds_run.

That should do it. Be sure if there is a line with httpd, ftp or sshd in the ps output to IGNORE that line and not kill the number. If you do so the consequences can be nasty.
Will this turn off the auto restart thing? Because I kinda like it. Except when I want to quit of course.
No, the autorestart will automatically work again when you start it =)

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