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Extremely Strange TF2 SRCDS crash
Alright guys, I have been trying to figure this out for 3 days now, and it makes no sense to me whatsoever.

When I am by myself in my server, and I die, the server crashes. My first thought was that it might be a problem with Sourcemod or Metamod Source, so I disabled them and tried again. Still happened. My next thought was maybe my SRCDS was bugged, so I deleted it and reinstalled, and it still crashed under the same circumstances.

I happened to have a bot in there with me at one point, and I found when I die and theres a bot or someone else still alive, the servers fine. When theres no one alive (I.E. me and the bot die, or its just me and I die, or so on) the server will crash.

The last bit of information is it only happens on my test maps. These simply consist of a square room, with a light and player spawn entity in them. I tried reinstalling hammer thinking maybe the maps were corrupted, but that did not fix it either. So is there some kind of entity that is required or a TF2 map will crash the server? (Never had a problem with this in the past so I doubt it)

I am clueless and could really use some help.
When you ask here too, I can answer here too:

I've seen this before on some custom maps. When you die and another one is still alive, your view can change to that other person/bot. But with noone left alive, the map must have a default camera view of some sort defined (I am not a map maker, so I don't know the correct term for this). If such a view is missing, the server will crash.
That's a known issue with some custom TF2 maps.
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I believe Crimson got this sorted over at the Sourcemod forums Big Grin
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