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Strange crash srcds Help me out please.
Im running a 30 slot Tick 66 counterstrike source server. On a windows Vista x64 machine. Somehow its crashing randomly. I tried everything to fix it. I redownloaded the whole server. Installed the latest plugins but it didn't help a bit.

Listing 3 plugins:
[01] SteamBans Detox (1.1) by sslice/opi
[02] Mani Admin Plugin (1.2BetaS SMM) by Mani
[03] FPS Boost (1.0) by sslice

Running latest metamod 1.7

See attached picture for crash report.

See the rapidshare link for the cfg's and mdmp files, maybe it will help(1mb).

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There obviously is something wrong with the cooperation of those three plugins... Try disabling them one at a time to see what happens.
I disabled detox and fps booster. The server didnt crash for 12 hours lets see if it will run longer. Meanwhile i have noticed a different problem. I run 2 servers, but they wont run both VAC secured. The server that starts first is VAC secured. Is there a way to secure the server over a diffrent port?

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