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Team Fortress 2 Questions
First of all I'm sorry if these been answered before but I been searching for a day on forums and google and cant find answers for my questions.

1) For the custom welcome screen, what size should the image be? When I make it, its too big or too small.
2) How to adjust the spawn time for the server, what is the command to change this and where does it go? In the server.cfg or the mapname.cfg?

My server is running with sourcemm and the Basic Admin Tool (BAT)
2). I don't think there's a command for it. I have seen you that must install a plugin.(
Thanks for your recomendations, I dumped sourcemm and got bettlesMod and I love it. But a have a few questions if you can answer please.
I want to edit the time limits for each maps, where can I find a default map.cfg so that I can change the settings to my liking?
I don't know how too do it on Team Fortress 2. I could tell you if it were Counter Strike: Source.

Anyways, I think it's mostly the same way(With Mani Admin Plugin). I don't know if you can do it with BeetlesMod.

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