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Error with Sourcemod Psychostats plugin.
Hey guys.

Hope you can help me here, Google dosen't seem to be able to. Bassically Psychostats running perfectly on my server. Its a VDS so both on the same machine. The stats are displayed perfectly here showing its working correctly:

(btw, ignore my stupid high skill level, a friend and i just had some fun with bots and sentries Smile )

However I have installed this plugin for in-game showing of the stats:

It does not matter what I do, i cannot get it to work. After alot of debugging and some help from a friend who is very good with programming, I can gather that it is not opening the connection to the MySQL database. The info is database.cfg is definately correct. So I cannot see why it will not work.

Any ideas?
Cheers, Adam
are you 100% positive MySQL and the database are configured correctly?
CGS|Todd Wrote:are you 100% positive MySQL and the database are configured correctly?

Yes, absolutely. I have a phpBB forum and I am currently working on my own PHP file hosting site which using PHP and MySQL. MySQL is definately configured.

The thing Im seeing it seems its not actually opening the connection to the database, but instead just attempting to use a connection that dosen't exist. Do I have it correct that SourceMod opens all connections to all databases specified in database.cfg ?

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