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Can't get GM8 to appear in Source Dedicated Server
Hey all!

I have a few questions:

On source dedicated, how do you get Gary's Mod to appear in the list of games to make a dedicated server?

After I created a server, a regular one in the main menu of Gary's Mod, my friends can't find it. This isn't a mere filter problem, I think it's much deeper than that. The same thing happens to my friend who makes a server, and I go and look and it isn't there. When I added the IP to my Favorites list, all that appeared was " Server Not Responding " and a 0/0 for the number of people in the server.

I have cable internet, and a static IP. (my IP doesnt change. . . I think that's static)
Type 'status' into the console, if it doesnt return any results then there is no map loaded. When theres no map loaded the server isnt activated and wont ping. Gaming Servers
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I did that, and I got results. It appears to be running, but it really isn't.

Any help would be appreciated.
Sorry to DP.

Aight, thanks to these sites, my friend has fixed the problem that a ton of us are having.

Check out these links:

I don't know why it's working now or anything, but visit those sites if you're having trouble.

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