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I been trying to figure this out for the last couple of days and i can not find the reason why so I am asking to see if anyone out there can hook me up with an idea or help me fix this. My colo support can not do much as they do not have any idea about supporting games.

I just recently upgraded my kernel to make it a 1000fps and both of my game <cs/css> was working getting 1000fps. Then, my server starting to give me a hald-addon-stor and it was running the cpu very high. So, it turns out on the linux install, the firmware was not updated. So i updated the BMC, BIOS, and RAID controller was upgraded on this server box.

Its been a couple of days now and the server runs good but in cs/css i am having issues. My cs game can hit 900+fps but my css can not make it over 500.

I am running out of ideas what to look for or how to fix this to make it both hit 1000fps.

this is a hard one to figure, but i think i got the fix.
Yup, i sure fix this one.

too bad no one else try to post on this topic, i might of share what i have found.

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