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Dear Everyone

My scrds server is up and i can change the map and gamemode and name but I cant seem to turn god mode off and as you no you cant have a rp server with god mode and i need to no how to turn noclip off to and one more im kinda new so i dont no how to make me a admin on it to. So i could really use some help.Thanks
Okay. When you're starting up your server, do you surely use something like this YOUR-DIR/srcds.exe -console ..... and so further.

If you wanna change your start-up map, you mush replace any +map de_dust command with +mao de_dust2 (for example).

If you don't wanna change your startup map, you can change map with RCon rcon changelevel de_inferno - now you should have de_inferno on your server. (It's a standard map).

For turning "god mod" off(noclip), you must disable sv_cheats 1, set this too 0. And then just change map. Then nobody should be able to go god mod.

For making yourself an admin, you must have Mani Admin Plugin or just another admin tool on your server.

If you have Mani Admin Plugin, I would prefer Drocona's guide here:

It's a good guide, and you will easily understand it! Good luck!
Yes i do use that and i have tried to use that mani thing but im not useing cstrike im use garrysmod and im not what you would call a computer wiz ;_; and thanks for the noclip and god mode thing Big Grin
Ohh, okay. If you're using Garry' Mod, I prefer you should go too

It's a basic gudie too make you an admin, GarrysMod. Good luck Smile
Wow thanks you really helped Big Grin! Big Grin!!!!!!!!
But i have another prob!

Dear Everyone

My server right now is using srcds I have put it up changed the map and name but when i change the gamemode to redead this pops up --->exec: counldt exec server.cfg. So i saw that the server was up and thought o ye cool its up and i joined but then will I was joining it stoped and siad droped from server <server uses different class table>. I think the problem is related. Please i could really use some help.
Yours sincerly Lt.Custard
Try make a server.cfg and insert sv_lan 0 into it.
Where do i put the server.cfg tho???
garrysmod/cfg just in there Smile
I put it in the server.cfg that was there and still nothing Sad

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