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Solving those connection issues: Regarding Players
THIS IS AN ANECDOTE. YOU CAN SKIP THIS IF YOU WANT TO! Scroll down for the Step by Step Guide

I know this is my first post here, but I've been working on how to get my Dedicated Server going (for testing) for 3 days now.

At first I blamed my router. Then, on the advice of everyone around me, I removed Norton and Voila! Left 4 Dead suddenly works, and I'm happy.

But still, the Dedicated server did not work... I was getting Irate.

It could not connect to the Master servers.

So, I installed Comodo and disabled Windows firewall. Then it works! I was getting closer.

But then I encountered my final problem: Players could NOT connect!

I asked myself... Why? It's worked before! (It has)

So I go to my Routers Page, Check the Ports and see they're all open.

Then I went to WAN Ping blocking. This prevents people from outside your network from pinging your IP, thus preventing a response.

I disabled this feature, but to no avail.

I was running out of options. Perhaps I will never be able to get this working again...

Then after being redirected to many sites I canme across this:

This website checks your ports to see if they can detect anything coming out of them.

I decided to put in 27015 as the port (which was my Dedicated Server port at the time)

Quote:Error: I could not see your service on MYIP on port (27015)

Reason: Connection refused

This means, that noone could connect to my server as long as I was running it from that port!

Thus I tried 27050 as a Random port that I had opened:

Quote:Success: I can see your service on MYIP on port (27050)
Your ISP is not blocking port 27050

Success at last. Now people could connect. It was visible on the Server list.

Step by Step guide:
1) Get rid of Norton should you have it. Norton 2008 was not compatible with Left 4 Dead, the Dedicated server or any other Steam game. It actually prevented me from playing Multiplayer!

Get Comodo or another decent antivirus/firewall solution. It doesn't have to be pricy.

2) Check the ports on your Router. This is integral to making sure people can connect!

3) Check that WAN Ping Blocking is NOT enabled. This prevents your server from being detected (possibly), A good firewall should prevent Hacker attack.

4) Go to

5) Type in the port that your server is trying to use. YOUR SERVER MUST BE RUNNING AT THE TIME!

6) Should this be your message:
Quote:Error: I could not see your service on MYIP on port (<INSERT PORT HERE>)

Reason: Connection refused
Try another port untill you get this message:
Quote:Success: I can see your service on MYIP on port (<INSERT PORT HERE>)
Your ISP is not blocking port <INSERT PORT HERE>
When you get this message Rejoice! You have found your Port which will allow people to join your server!

7) Once your port problems have been resolved (yes there's more) there are 2 ways of doing this.

7a) GUI version:
If you are using the GUI version the port changing process is relatively simple:

[Image: DSGUIEdited.jpg]

Change the bit where it's circled to the port that works. That's it!

7b) Now for the Command line version it's not nearly so nice looking. But I don't need to post a picture Toungue

Go to your Dedicated Server shortcut

Right click


A:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game <GAME HERE> -ip <INTERNAL IP IF YOU USE A ROUTER> -port <THE PORT THAT WORKS> -maxplayers 14 +map <MAP NAME HERE>

with the game name.

with your internal IP.

with the Port that works.

with the map name.

Remove <> in all of them.

Now this should work perfectly for you (People should be able to connect).

I'm hoping that I helped some people out there who had/have the same problem as me.

Oh before I forget:
If the port does NOT change when you follow these instructions you will have to edit your server.cfg.

Place this anywhere inside it:
Quote:hostport <YOUR PORT HERE>
But replace <YOUR PORT HERE> with the port (E.g. 27050).

Well that's all I can say. That's all my knowledge on why people can't connect.

Once again, I hope I helped in some shape or form.
Thanks for the site it a great way for people to check i think this should be sticked kool guide
hello , im in a big problem you should help me figure it out , first i was using srcds before the ports where working and i can see my server on internet but noone connecting , so now after like 2 month i try again my server , so it cant be seen even on internet list , because before i check the ports in website ,it says its open , i get it from bittorent the port , then paste it to website its open and when i close bittorent port still open , but now all closed i see on website , but when i open bittorrent and enable upnp port mapping , the website will say its open and when i close bittorrent the port gets closed , then bittorent is opening the port , i tryed adding to firewall even website still saying cannot see my service there a program that enables upnp port mapping for all programs not just for bittorrent ? i can even access my router it just asks me for username and password and the isp did give me it , all isps in this country dont because they are noobs , i live in lebanon worst country for everything , how can i make the port still be opened when i exit bittorrent ? and if i try to host server when port is opened and when bittorrent is open i cannot it gives me an error ,

please help me pleaseee, i dont know whats wrong , but before i see port is open even when bittorrent is closed , but now port is open only when bittorrent is opened , because of the option i usedd ( enable upmp port mapping ) what to do pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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