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'Connection failed after 4 retries'
Hi, recently i downloaded SrcDS and i've been trying to get it to work. I followed all the instructions here correctly, i think i forwarded the ports correctly, but then whenever a friend tries to connect to my dedicated CS:S server they get an error message of 'Connection failed after 4 retries' (or something like that).

Here's how i have my ports set up:

[Image: portskb1.jpg]
TCP - 27030 - 27039, 27015 - 27016
UDP - 1200, 27000 - 27016

Try adding these ports and see what happens
Also, this "" IP, isn't your local IP. This is guaranteed your external IP, which you will have to give too your freinds Smile.
(Highly unlikely, that this is your local IP).

Replace it with your local IP, and it should work Smile
Ok i tried both of them things and i have my current port setup shown below:
[Image: ports2nt3.jpg]

But it still won't work Sad

Same error message Sad

Any other ideas?

Thanks for trying to help though Smile
remove the references to the external ip
It works! Thank you all very very much

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