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What is everything i can do to get the best performance?
I'm Using ubuntu 8.10 [home.. im to much of a visual person to use server Sad]
2.2 GHz single Core processor
1.5Gb Ram

What is every thing i can do to get the best performance i can get??
you have failed already, use server version. No GUI !!

Do a kernel recompile, removing unecessary modules and maybe apply a patch like rt or zen.

Clean up any uneeded processes and remove them from startup.

First steps to take.
.. i told you, im to visual for no GUI.... and i have a stable 100tick server 860FPS and from what my friends have said, it has really good reg
What the hell do you mean your to visual for no gui?. GUI does nothing unless you want to use up server resources. The only think it's really good for is conky. And thats it.

Run a server from the SERVER EDITION. Use screen. At least from what I remember it's screen. End story.
Its not that big of a difference between using a gui and not ,and besides you should do what you feel comfortable with but to me if your going to have a gui for a server, you might as well just use windows
I think him using gui is a good step, if he's new with linux thats a great way to learn. Yet, once you play around with more things there is a good chance you'll screw something up and a reboot will not let you login and you will need help if it's in a data center.
Best is to learn how to use it without gui and just make the huge jump.
Thats kind of what I did myself.
Yet I have my old computer beside me running ubuntu as a file / movie torrent server works pretty nice when hooked up to my 42inch. Smile
By to visual, i Mean thats how i learn.. i need to be able to see things, and im very ADHD, so just a screen full of text i can't handle it... and i will end up using server... maybe i just need to figure things out.
Yeah, thats what I did at first. Only thing is once you start using the gui you get lazy and set in that way.
Like being able to just drag files around, once you learn the text for it bam so much better.
Just ask many questions on here and we will try to help you the best we can.
Try google first though. Smile Most things are on Google and they are very helpful.
Thats how I learned pretty much everything, most question's are not that stupid to ask.
Aye, Google is my best friend Toungue

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