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SRCDS fails to mount other game content, ULX adduser failed.
I installed SRCDS a long time ago and it didn't really work. I have since formatted my computer, and decided to give it another tryRolleyes. I had some major problems such as server.cfg not loading, and ports being closed, but I fixed those problems only to discover that the DOD, CSS, HL 2 episodes 1 & 2, and TF2 content fails to load in the console. I am running DarkRP, so CSS is very important. Upon loading RP_Downtown_V2, I noticed many textures were missing, CSS content was in fact not loaded, and some HL 2 spawned props had shinny textures to them. Also when I try to add myself to ULX via typing "ulx adduser The Captain superadmin" I get the "invalid group" error. I am sure I have installed everything correctly, and the only file I have tampered with was the server.cfg file. Also a side note. I am running SRCDS and Garry's Mod on the same computer as I am deciding on a processor for my servers' Intel motherboard. I know that hosting on the same computer doesn't work over the internet, I'm am just testing my future SRCDS confiq via LAN. My real concern is the textures. Do I need to download game content separately? If I look in my addons I see CSS, DOD, HL2 ep. 1&2, TF2, and Portal content folders already there! Any help would be greatly appreciatedCool.

PS: I was going to upload some pictures but it took really long and ended up not workingToungue.
Nobody knows what it is? Not even a clue?Sad
You are running a third party mod, correct?
Their forums should explain how you would go about adding content from other games to a dedicated server.
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you need to move the counterstrike folder into your orangebox folder.

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