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Mani and Beetles at once?
I have mani 1.2 beta o on my srds. I want to also install beetles for the give health/give weapons menu. Is this possible without problems? The only thing i can see interfering is the triggers to bring up the menus being the same. How could I change the beetles trigger to be something like admin1 instead of admin like manis? Thanks in advance
I don't think you can change it without touching the Source code, which I don't think you can grain access too.

And I don't see any possible way to make a script for it.
Alright well thank you anyway. Looks like ill stick with mani and typing in ma_give or ma_sethealth when i need to. I know i asked this once before but if possible could somebody rewrite the mani popups or something to include a ma_give list and ma_sethealth list? Or is it not worth the hassle? I know you can put it in RCON but i kinda like how in beetles you click Give then the Weapon then the Player to give to. Thanks
No, you can't neither. You must have access too the Source code, and I don't think that Mani will give it away. (If he even does care about he's plug-in anymore).

But if I find a solution, I will post here!
Thanks for the replys and all the help! I'm not very pro when it comes to scripts and stuff I just know how to add premade addons and stuff haha. Thanks again though!
Okay I've found out that you can use Eventscripts(Python or ESC), for making it.

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