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Not being able to connect?
Well... i just installed my server, it's my first one, i'm a noob. At first, i couldn't see the server from the Steam window, and i couldn't connect to it through CS Source, and i was getting these:
Quote:No challange from
Bad challange from

So i did that enableoldqueries thing, and it still wont show up and i still can't get on. I can do console commands like changelevel, exec, say, etc. but i can't log onto the server. I'm thinking it has something to do with a router, but i don't own the box, and the person who does own it is doesn't know either. I've tried port 27015 and 27016... neither works. I've even tried adding it by the domain name, and it still doesn't work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated Big Grin
Well I got it to work
Can anybody recommend a good (preferrably free) web-based game panel? So I can start and restart the server from my web browser without having to log into SSH?
hi im using webmin a free webinterface and it works great you can do custom start and stop buttons and edit your configfiles directly from

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