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Hi, does any one know how to force a skin for a team? Mani's Admin Plugin allows you to have a skin option but it does not force the skin as soon as the player joins the game. If any one can find/build a script or something that will allow me to do this, please posts it.
Well, you can set a skin to a specified team each round_start.

Just make a folder named "events" in your cstrike/cfg and then just make a .cfg file with the name: round_start
And then insert this:

ma_setskin #ct "fbi_leet"

If you're skin is named "fbi_leet" - just set it to your own skin, that you will have to be used by the ct's.

And then just use #t for the terrorists. I think it should work Smile.
where do you have to put the skin?
Just follow the millions of guides out there. They will show you how to.
kk thx

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