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Strange server lag...
I'm having strange issues with my srcds server. It lags intermittently (every 3-6 seconds). When it lags, my choke jumps up, and my weapon "re-appears". Like if I dropped it, and picked it back up. Happens with any weapon and even with only one player on the server.

Could someone check it out and let me know if you have any idea what might be causing this?


This appears not to be server related. Apologies for the incorrect forum posting. It happens on every server, and just on this machine... hheellpp!
Err... lol sorry guys. looks like it was a router problem. luckily i have like 3 wireless networks and the other one is performing much better. i also changed my rate from 10000 to 20000. that might have helped.
Are you running wireless? Don't run servers on wireless connections, you will ALWAYS lose alot of packets. Which makes your server lag, as you explained in your first post.

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