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Mani and Sourcemod
Hi, I want to install cssdm on my server. I've installed mani already but for cssdm I need Sourcemod. So I wanted to ask whether it's possible to run mani, Sourcemod and cssdm on the same server.
Yes, it's possible, I've done it, no problems at all Smile
That's cool! Thx for your fast awnser.
you can run pretty much as many mods as you want but if you have to many it can cause lag, with just those mods your fine.
i run 5 and i've had no problems
some mods have like tracers and smoke and crazy nade crap that comes out of the explosion, you can have like 20 or something depending on the mod does.
ya, there's gungame, mani admin, and 3 other little mods

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