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adminmenu_sorting & custom help!
Hello all. I have some questions on admin menu panels running off sourcemod (metamod is installed) and some questions on server commands. First off, I have a lot of maps to choose from when the server is changing levels. I know I can edit the mapcycle or initiate a map vote but this is for when I personally feel the need to change the map. Now the admin menu panel does not allow sub categories so instead of the default “Server commands -> Choose Map” section, I wanted to separate them into Choose CP Map, Choose CTF Map, Choose PL Map, etc.
"item" "sm_slay"
"item" "sm_kick"
"item" "sm_ban"
"item" "sm_gag"
"item" "sm_burn"

"item" "sm_map"
"item" "sm_execcfg"
"item" "sm_reloadadmins"

"item" "sm_cancelvote"
"item" "sm_votemap"
"item" "sm_votekick"
"item" "sm_voteban"

Now I know that the items are not commands but are simple nicknames for the command being performed and if the name is not changed, it is a default name (Slay player = sm_slay”). However, I’d like to make sure if I am allowed to replace “item” for a name such as Choose Map CP. I also would like to know if there is a limit to how much “items” and commands I am allowed to put in each of the primary command list (Player commands, Server Commands, Voting Commands). Also when the server chooses a map, it uses the command sm_map. I am assuming it knows to look in the default maps folder. So when I organize the panel to have separate lines for choosing different types of maps, what will the command line be? Will it be different?
Lastly, for adminmenu_custom, my friend added a new primary commands section named “Test”. This section leads to the command for scrambling teams. The command works but when I edit the adminmenu_custom and change the name to Scramble instead of test, the primary command section no longer appears and yes I rebooted the server after I changed it. When I change it back to test, it appears again.

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