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CS:S gameserver on different systems
Hi there,

I was searching for Root Servers for my Clan Community to host CSS Public and Clanwar Servers with different Slot amounts. I found a Distributor which offers 2 very interesting Systems. The backbone connetion is also very good with 9.1 Gbit.

System A:

AMD Sempron 2800+
1x IP included
300 GB Traffic

System B:

AMD Athlon XP 2800+
2x IP included
500 GB Traffic

Number 1: 34,99 € System A with 512MB RAM
Number 2: 43,99 € System A with 1024MB RAM
Number 3: 51,99 € System A with 2048 MB RAM
Number 4: 49,99 € System B with 1024MB RAM
Number 5: 55,99 € System B with 2048 MB RAM

Since my traffic is normally arround 200GB a month, my decision depends on the processor unit, on the amount of memory and also the price.

What do you guys think about this offered system? How many Slots (CSS Source) do you think I can run on the Systems (also depending on the different amount of RAM) without having lags or crashing the Server? Please write it down like this:

Number 1: XX Slots
Number 2: XX Slots

Thanx in advance,
Cya Rio
In my experience, I've never seen ram to be the limiting resource. It always seems like the resource that I run out of first is either cpu or bandwidth. Even when I only had 512 mb ram on a box.
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I agree with incogs; 512 is fine for a clan box with the highest possible processor speed, watch out for misleading adverts though; the netwoprk might be 9.1GBit but you may only have a 10mb port ;¬) Gaming Servers
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