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Plzz i really need !!HELP!!
Hey everybody...

I have downloadet SRCDS, and put it like this:
And it's work fine Big GrinD
But, i want otheres surf maps, DM, Kick, Ban, freeze, slaying, Teleport, Rtv and ADMIN :S

But how?'
And were shut i put it ???

Someone there has any link to all those stuff???
And can plzz tell me where ii shut put it ..?..

And a last thing???
Then i go into my server, when u're are in on the server
The first were u can read the explain of the server.
It says simply: Counter Strike Source...

How can i change that???

Then Plzz help me everybody Big GrinD
At first for votes,rank etc see here Mani Admin Plugin
If you mean the first that the server shows when you connect the file is cstrike\motd.Explore it a little and you 'll find what you have to do.
Ty i wanna try it tommorow Big Grin
it has files, tutorials, everything you'll need

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