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what is that auto-server starter ? :D
what is that server starter thing called which automatically starts your server without you having to go type the whole thing every time?
i forgot the name so help would be appreciated. Thanks Big Grin
It's called a "Gardian" or just "Batch script". Check this thread for more information:

Or do you mean like a shortcut on your deskop?
no it was a program.... it was a program where i put in all the info for my server in the program and it saves it and i just load the program and start the server from there
Well a batch script does that? And it starts up the server if it's restarting/crashed.
well i guess i could use that if its the same thing...
ill look into it
thanks allot
btw i remembered what it was called for anyone who cares
its called serverchecker Smile
ye..server checker. i use that

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